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Kelly Tennis Scoreboard

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The greatest tennis scoring system you will ever see!!!

From a distance large numbering enables parents and other players to know the score,thus eliminating problems between players

The Tennis Ball Magnetics are strong and the scoreboard is completely waterproof.  The Scoreboard clips easily onto the fence with built in hooks on the back of the scoreboard.

This scoreboard uses the unique magnetic tennis ball user friendly scoring system developed exclusively for the Kelly Tennis Scoreboard

  •     Dimensions 300mm wide x 900mm high
  •     Durable weatherproof construction
  •     Easy to change score magnetic operation
  •     Permanently attached to tennis court mesh

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"...Linda and her team have always been very approachable, going that extra mile, if needed, to help us accommodate tennis lessons into our busy family life..."

Narelle Crothers
Narelle Crothers Corporate
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